Learn about your child’s genetic predisposition and improve his or her chances of living a healthy and happy life!

Checked    Test your child’s most important health areas

Checked    Anticipate possible allergies and intolerances

Checked    Find out which minerals, vitamins and other supplements are particularly important for your child

Checked    Discover your child’s athletic potential

Checked    1-hour counseling via a telephone call is inclusive

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Knowing about your child’s genetic predisposition helps you to anticipate certain genetically determined health risks and to take appropriate measures. Our DNA analysis also includes the aptitude for allergies and intolerances. This allows you to protect your child from unpleasant experiences.

Not everybody needs the same combination of nutrients. Our DNA test shows you what your child needs and supports you in providing it with a healthy and balanced diet.

Discover your child’s athletic potential and nurture it based on his or her DNA.

Please find a detailed list of the conducted tests in our service overview.

709.00 Swiss Franc

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