The combination of our two products “DNA FIT” and “DNA WELLNESS” will give you a holistic approach to help find a better lifestyle based on your DNA!

Checked    Holistic approach for weight loss and increased health

Checked    Get the most complete DNA analysis we have to offer

Checked    Optimize nutritional behavior - tailored to your body’s needs

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Checked    1-hour counseling via a telephone call is inclusive

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DNA FIT & WELLNESS test includes every genetic test currently available at Doctor Fitness. We analyse - among others - your predisposition to certain diseases and addiction as well as your body’s nutrient, mineral and vitamin requirements. Our detailed report entails personalised recommendations for a healthier lifestyle based on your DNA, including on how to adapt your nutrition intake in order to reach your target weight or how to prevent certain diseases.

For more detailed information, please read our product description for «DNA FIT» and «DNA WELLNESS». You will also find a list of the conducted tests in each product in our service overview.

749.00 Swiss Franc

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