Improve your health with a custom made nutrition and supplement plan - optimised for your DNA!

Checked    Testing of your most important health areas

Checked     Prevent diseases with the right supplement and nutrition plan

Checked    Find out which minerals, vitamins and other supplements your body needs

Checked    Optimise your food intake

Checked    1-hour counseling via a telephone call is inclusive

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The good news is that most diseases characteristic of modern Western civilisation can be prevented with a change of lifestyle.

So called non-transferable lifestyle diseases such as:

- Strokes

- Diabetes

- Obesity

- Cardiovascular disease

are easier to prevent then to cure.

To better prevent any of those diseases it is important to know about your inherited genetic states and conditions. Our «DNA WELLNESS» test analysis allows us to tailor a personalised food and supplements recommendation based on your DNA that best meets your body’s needs.

You will also find a list of the conducted tests in each product in our service overview.

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