We have great Supporters

Here in our Supporters section we proudly present our professional supporters who have made incredible results for themselves or for their clients with our products and services. We present and promote our prominent supporters 100 % because we are working very closely with any of them and we are proud to work with the best in their professions and we are also proud to be a part of their success story. We hope we can be a part of your professional or personal success story as well!!!


Urs Zumstein

Owner from the Panthera Lady's gym and Fitness and natural Bodybuilding Athelete is actively promoting and using our Products and services. He is an absolute fan from training- and Nutrition plans based on genetic information. He was able to create incredible results for himself and for his customers.
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Süle Besili

Personal traininer, Nutrition coach and fitness enthusiast is using our Products and services to improve his guidance and counseling for his customer to bring the results to an optimum. With the information which lies in our DNA he is able to provide 100 % personalized and optimized training and counseling reports for his customers and friends.
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Gian-Franco Bien

Bodybuilder Athelete and longtime trainingspartner from IFBB Worldmaster and 4 times mr. Olympia winner Jean-Pierre Fux. Owner and founder from Solid Steel. Gian-Franco is actively promoting and using our Products and services. He is amazed what results can be produced with the knowledge about our genetic information. He cannot wait to share his experience with his existing and new customers and fans.
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Matheus Santos (Wolverine)

Matheus is a Blue Belt Jiu-Jitsu Champion and competes with team Nova União. Also plays as a FitnessModel for many campaings.
He discovered with his DNA test the best way to plan his supplements and nutrition for the championships.
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Tania Pereira

Sponsored by Goldnutrition Portugal, Clarins pt, Gim Gym, Revela Beauty, Summer Spot, Donro France Luis, Salinas Portugal and many more sponsors that see the dedication and the talent from Tania.
Tania says: This is my life. Training, food, dedication and discipline.
This is my choice is my way of life, what makes me happy!
DNA Analysis are helping me to get the most out of my challenging diet and training plans.
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